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| YARROW | flower in the rukongai


"I won't let the ugliness of this world consume me. I won't regret the things I've done to survive."

[ edited 2/6 - just changed the order a little ]

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Raven, Oh my god, That is so sad and perfect. Water Lily, although an instrumental, broke my heart. Crucify is FUCKING PERFECT for him having little self-respect and waiting for someone to take him away from this. Can't Go Back is great for the innocence he's lost, if you headcanon him as a kagema. Only In Your Head is perfect for his overwhelming loneliness. Ugh, and I also love that in the lyrics of this entire playlist, it seems to keep coming up that he longs for true love and real companionship. And Oh my god, you found a perfect soft version of demons to fit in with this perfectly. Blue Caravan was heartbreakingly fitting. Seriously though, Ruru, the whole theme of this was so bittersweet and sad, but still so pretty. You perfectly captured the spirit of what Yumichika was going through. 10/10 This was excellent.