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watch me [meme] right in

i guess this is an alpha dave fanmix

edit: ok so i have no idea why double bubble trouble by mia is playing instead of "this head i hold" but i'm gonna try to fix that. why does 8tracks do this to me. llike an unruly child.g od damn

  • Que Sera by Wax Tailor
  • Distorted Prose (pitched up) by Dälek
    this one was 6 minutes long and the lyrics are sweet but the instrumental ended up giving me a headache and didnt really fit in as well with the playlist so i just sampled the first 35 secs
  • diklooc (Coolkid reverse remix) by Haunter (Homestuck)
    originally by haunter and remix courtesy of yours truly
  • Battlestar Galacticlown (abridged) by Akufen
    this one was also originally 6 minutes but heres a 2 minute excerpt of the gist of it bc its the thought that counts. i needed at least one auditory representation of sbahj
  • Disparate Youth DUBSTEP RMX by Santigold
    is this ironic? is it genuine? is it post-ironic? does it matter? sometimes u just gotta let the layers go and sit back and enjoy it for what it is
  • This Head I Hold by Electric Guest
  • Electric Fist by Digitalism
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I looked at the lyrics for "This Head I Hold" and I am in awe??? It's perfect????? omg you are wonderful thank you for this miracle

The first song made me cry for some reason? I think it perfectly represents Alpha Dave's struggle and responsibility as practically the Hero of the Earth. This mix is golden, I adore it. The rest of it is so chill. I laughed out loud at the audio representation of SBAHJ btw. Amazing!