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Okay, He is in Spain and I'm in Mexico... 5592.341 MILES AWAY. This mix has been playing all dayyyyy... Goddddd, I miss him.

This is by far a song i like the best, I still miss her although she asked for seperation and she stays in Singapore, I am staying in the neighboring country ( Malaysia ) we have not been seeing each other since 2008 ( we were together from 2005 - mid 2008 ). I shall explain in an easier sentence. On July 2005; on my birthday, my birthday present was her, and in the year birthday was her departure. Till today i still get occasional tears whenever i get a random thinking about her (although i am trying so hard to proceed on with my life). It's so hard not to think about my first relationship. So i contemplate my own consciousness/awareness.....So hard to explain it. -Naveen-