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Butterfly Heart


A fanmix for part one of the lovely Harry Potter fanfic Butterfly Heart by The Fictionist (can be found on ffnet and ao3

I apologise for the badly shopped cover. I also made a different version: (not even sorry).

10 tracks
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OMG! I found out this fanmix yesterday and I loved it!! I want to know you did a great job here! Despite of I didn´t know almost all the songs, they were very good indeed. I could imagine some parts of the fanfic as a real movie hahaha. But I´m curious now, could you tell me the order about the songs? I mean, according to you, which track belongs to "chapter 21" when Tom´s kissing Harry, for example. Also, I would like to know how you put the songs here, if there any in particular for some chapters or scenes, if that was the case :D Sorry if I bother you with my questions, but I can´t help it I´m so excited about your job :D

I love it! And I think it works really well. Sorry it took me so long to get an account to comment.

And I absolutely adore the cover, personally. Would happily use it as a cover for the actual fic haha.

Thanks! Glad you liked it. ^^

And I can send you the textless version of the cover, if you actually want it? I have it saved somewhere, I think.