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i've got a brand new way


a newton geiszler mix, or, "genre? what genre?"

because sometimes, you just gotta say "fuck it," blast some loud music, annoy your lab partner, throw a middle finger up to everyone who told you to ever shut up, and save the whole goddamn planet.

see annotations for related lyrics; cover design by monsternist on tumblr

EDIT: added three new songs.

12 tracks
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oh my god this is the most perfect newt mix tbh im so glad... like this is honestly so great bc its a mix of songs that are very newt in lyric AND theyre songs i feel like theyd listen to?? amen????

@undeserve OH GOSH HAHA this is such an old playlist but i'm glad you like it! i should give this another listen bc i remember being rly proud of it when i first made it :^)