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lord, touch me with lightning


"depression is a living thing. it exists by feeding on your darkest moods.

and it is always hungry."

a mix for matt murdock's depression.

EDIT: this playlist does not contain songs from system of a down OR siouxie and the banshees even though 8tracks somehow added those two tags to my mix. 8tracks, wyd.

16 tracks
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I love this playlist! Not only does it really capture Matt and his depression but it also has been helping me sleep for about half a year now. I have insomnia and I listen to music to help me sleep, but normally I get tired of a playlist after a few listens. However I have been able to listen to this playlist for maybe 6 months now, I feel bad for not leaving a comment sooner. This is a really lovely playlist and thank you so much for making it!

This playlist is brilliant and I am so glad it exists. It's perfect: gloomy, and yet somehow not depressing in and of itself. Tipping on the edge, trying hard not to fall into the 'sad' category, barely keeping its balance, one could say. Just like Matt. I love it.