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In the solitude of snow - a winter night's walk


For when you go on a winter walk past lightened windows,
your steps silenced by falling snow,
when you feel like you are nothing more than a shadow,
a ghost forever wandering the empty streets.

12 tracks
2 comments on In the solitude of snow - a winter night's walk

This is beautiful! A question, I've been trying to find the one called "Winter" By Rivers and crows but it's not HQ for me to buy anywhere, only a few live links on youtube. Is there anywhere I can download/buy the HQ file? It's so pretty I really love it ;_;

@miintea Thank you so much and sorry for the belated answer! If I remember correctly I got the song off soundcloud? But I just checked and it's not up there anymore :(. And I don't seem to have it in my music collection anymore either :(, I'm very sorry, I love it as well!