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Lesser Known Rappers.

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fucking amazing mix. posting shit (on ANY site, really) is not something i do typically either. but i was so compelled by how much i enjoyed every song on this mix that i felt compelled enough to compliment & state my appreciation. its been a long time since i've gotten this excited about music at all, but this turned out to be quite a pleasantly intriguing compilation of both some artists i had heard of, and many artists i was super-psyched to get to hear for the first time. now i'm looking forward to finding more tunes from the artists i heard stuff by on this mix :) and seriously, it's been so long i can't remember the last time i was jivin' this much about some friggin songs, lol; y'know, like when u decide u like a song/ artist/ album so much after hearing it that to u make sure u go RIGHT THEN that u take the initiative to get it downloaded onto something u own so u can listen to it, or more stuff like it, again & soon! ha, but ya, just wanted to say thanks & good job on a really great mix. and on that note, i think i've made enough of an overzealous-sounding of myself at this point, so i'll end my commentary at that. :)

@ALEXI.THE.NUT. Aww thank you so much to take the time to say that, means so much!!! I always listen to this playlist when I need pumped up haha, have fun searching for new artists! If you come across any good ones lemme know ;) love from Edinburgh x