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For my Valentine


Happy Valentines day my love. Funny enough, you're my first valentine haha. I've never had one in my life, and I'm so glad it's you. You will always be my valentine, and you know I will always love you until the end of my life. If you ever are sad and lonely please just know that someone out there always loves you, cares about you, and thinks of you, and that person is me. Keep reading in comments...

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@Emmab97 Sooo, I know you probably went to work, and I'm just here browsing HBO and funny enough Moonrise Kingdom is on. Im watching it thinking of you. Wishing you were here watching it with me. Hopefully Benjamin Button will be on after :)

Okay, so I figured that I'd cheat 8tracks 500 character limit and finish this in the comments haha. I have so much more to say, because I want to do this playlist like how you did mine, and break down every song. I picked 14 songs because of the date aha, I know I'm corny. I was going to do 27 because thats our anniversary, January 27th, but I figured that'd be too many songs. Please read this as every song plays, don't read ahead, it won't make sense. SO here goes. "A lifetime" - I think you know why I picked this song, A Lifetime really isn't enough to love you. But Im gonna do it anyway. "Cant Stop" - I can't stop thinking about you, and baby I never will. One of my favorite lyrics in this song is " I fall asleep and dream of alternate realities, I put myself at ease by pretending that she still loves me..." "Riptide" - This is the song that will always remind me of you because when we first me you told me that you always sing it, and told me to listen to it. It's a cute song, I'll admit it. "When It's Over" - "Im wishing you'd feel the same and just come back to me... I need you" Its exactly how I feel, and baby its "over" and I somehow love you more than the day I first told you so. "Cinnamon" - It's a really cute song for a grunge band, and I dig it, the words are very relatable for us, especially "Where did ya come from, and where are ya now." "Falling in love again" - Very self explanatory. Except I don't think I'm falling in love, I know, and its not again. It's my first time. "Never Fade" - Yes babe another Jack Johnson song aha, If I could make a playlist with all of his songs for you I would. But yeah I love the lyric "It feels good to be the one that you want, when all I want is you. See I knew right then, that this could last so long, I went home that night, I wrote my first love song." You know our love will never fade. "I Miss You" - I think you get this one. My favorite lyric is, "To see you when I wake up, is a gift I didn't think could be real" I loved waking up every morning to see you say good morning to me. You do something to me that I can't explain. Emma you make me feel things Ive never felt in my life, and I love you so much, and I miss you. "Dream a little Dream" - I never said this to you but Eddie Vedder is one of my favorite people in the world, and you should listen to his ukulele album, its my personal favorite and its amazing. I always dream about you and us, I honestly always will, I at least hope you do the same once in a while. "Thank You" - I know you love classic rock and Zeppelin is one of the bands that hooked me into rock way back when. It's all in the tittle for this song, you know I love you and thank you for loving me in return. You helped me out when I needed it, and taught me so much, and I will always be thankful for that. "Goodnight Goodnight" - Maroon 5, very cliche on a love song playlist haha but they deserve to be here. I always hated telling you goodnight because it meant we wouldn't be able to talk until morning. At the same time I loved saying it because I loved being the one you fell asleep with, and I loved falling asleep with you. "One Million Lovers" - Think of this as a follow up song to "Someday." Out of 1 million lovers, I would only choose you. Every single time. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. You told me I'd never be lonely because I have you. Well "I found a cure for loneliness, I'm forever immune." "Jamie Marie" - How could I not put a Girls song on here baby. This is another song that has such relatable lyrics to us. Every single word is true for us. I just feel the exact same things sung, I just call the song "Emma" instead of "Jamie Marie". Your names so much cuter anyway. My favorite line is either, "But I miss the way life was when you were my girl" or "And I know you are gonna be just fine, you know they say it's better to have loved and to lose it then to never ever know it, easy come and easy go whatever." I never thought I could relate to this song, but I finally can. I just wish I never lost you. "Baby I'm Your's" - The last song. I know you will smile when you see who it's by, and hear the lyrics. If you thought I'd hold you to NO. 1 Party Anthem, you were wrong. I'd do that and so much more to this song with you. I'd sing this to you everyday of our lives. I never thought I'd find a song in which every lyric is true to me until this. You know Im yours and I always will be. You need to know that. I will be here for you until I die. I love every word in this song, and love the 1950s feel to it. I love you eternally Emma. Always and Forever. I Don't think Ive ever not had words to express how I feel, but baby you take my breath away, you always have, and always will. You are perfection to me sugar, even in your faults and misgivings you are still perfect to me. And Baby Im yours, until the mountains crumble to the sea... In other words, until Eternity.