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I Love You.


Well, I'm just sitting here thinking of you, and wanted to make this for you. I can't stand not being physically there with you for the time being, and your talking to you means everything to me. I want to go everywhere with you and nowhere with you at the same time. You mean everything to me sugar, and you make me feel like the happiest man alive. You'll never know how much I love you. I love you Caitlin.

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Hey babe, by the way, I took the picture for this playlist when I went on a camping trip to upstate New York, and stayed in a log cabin. It was a year ago actually in March. Its a picture of the Hudson River. You'd probably like upstate, it seems like you, nature and snow, I like it and well If I dig it, I know you would too. Just wanted to tell you where I took the picture aha. Love you.