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It's Grimey!!!


This is a full length mix mainly Dubstep with some Drum n Bass music mixed and edited by Ryan Wakefield. I had to split up the whole cd in 8 sections of 10 mins. Completed on November 20th 2011. This mix is available for free download, just click this link and save http://www.xstreamist.com/download.php?mode=song_hifi&band_id=8502&... Here is a link to my other website I'm on with the tracklisting for this mix http://www.mix.dj/index.php?act=mlite&CODE=showdetails&s_id=4734011

8 tracks
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I just have to say that Ryan's a man after my own heart! I truely would love to correspond with him maybe in a penpal sorta way.. These beats arewhat makes me alive! They make my heart beat and keep my soul alive!! Dont ever stop the music Ryan!! In my opinion, you are the music! And I love it, and u!!!

Thank u very much Lori!!! I appreciate that a lot!!! Add me on facebook and you'll always be updated on all my music. Search by using my email to find me: ryanwakefield@hotmail.com Thanks again! :)

Did you make these yourself or is there an official tracklist with artist/song ? If you could email me the tracklist please do! wtfownedomg@gmail.com thank you!! I want it to burn a CD that i can skip some tracks and such.