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Silly God..


Noragami cut me deeply, so here we go! (I'm sorry I added the OP I just love it so much tbh. I also added "traditional japanese" and "traditional chinese" because my onii said that it reminds him of Yato! Yes even if noragami is set in Japan..!!!)

  • Traditional japanese Music by Royalty Free World Music
  • Traditional Japanese Music by Culturajenkko
  • Yusuke Nakasho by Traditional Japanese Music
  • Traditional Japanese by Honor
  • Traditional Japanese Song: "Takeda Lullaby" Acapella by AkireFerris
  • Beautiful Traditional Chinese Music 15.mp3 by PeYing_Win
  • Ancient China (Traditional Chinese Folk Music by Pablo)
  • Pipa by PIPA
  • Japanese by Classical
  • Tokushima (Dance) by Awa Odori
10 tracks
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