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It's the Pain of Knowing How Alone I Really Am in this World... In This Game


Out of nowhere, a surprise came to my door. A brand new visual novel! And it was free! Oh what a treat! But what I got was not the fluffy treat I was expecting it to be. Oh no, not one bit. Instead I was treated to a novel so stunning and unique, I just had to tell other people about it. It wasn't a long story, but the impact it had was brutal. And I do mean BRUTAL. If you wanna know what I mean, I highly recommend checking out the game for yourself. It's called Doki Doki Literature Club, and this playlist is dedicated to one of the game's four characters, and my personal favourite, Monika! Why'd I choose these songs? Play the game, find out for yourself.

And remember, the game doesn't end until the credits roll.

Thanks to @kamiitsubasa on Twitter for her excellent Inktober print.

8 tracks
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