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calm down; animal crossing edition


this is 100% animal crossing and 100% happy
its kind of a mix of quiet calming songs and happy peppy ones

tracklist can be found here: http://tiny.cc/acplaylist

EDIT: Thank you guys for your kind comments, and thank you so much for getting this to gold status!

  • Animal Crossing 3DS New Leaf Tree Song by HatakeHime
  • The Roost by SSB X Sound Team
  • Animal Crossing New Leaf "K.K Moody" Cover by yosum58
  • PM 'Orchestral' (5/15/2015 Update in Desc.) by Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • 319 by Prince
  • City Music (Complete) by Animal Crossing City Folk Music
  • Pm (Piano Arrangement) by Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Intro Theme by Animal Crossing
  • Tom Nooks Store by Animal Crossing Wild World
9 tracks
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i burst into tears when i heard the intro theme! I grew up playing the first game on game cube I spent like a million hours of my life playing this game and woah this playlist is making me very emotional. Thank you so much for putting it together it's super lovely <3