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Be Nice To Me


Soudas just a scared boy, he doesnt want your pity, he just wants your friendship.

original artwork that i used for the cover:

Besides Bakura, Ive never loved or related to a character more than Souda in my entire life. One thing that hurts me so terribly is when people are awful towards this poor boy. Please love him and if you want to I would really love it if you comment nice things about him!!

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A year later than this mix came out, and I still think it's perfect for this bubblegum baby! I thank you for making it, and I will always listen to this mix whenever I do anything for Kazuichi! He's just a darling, and I will always reguard him as one of my favorite video game characters.

@Shugarplump I forgot to reply to comments im sorry! Thank you so much though! He means the world to me and I always love to see people sharing my love for him! Thank you so much! Im so glad you like it!!