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Soulful Omen


The days are growing shorter. The air is becoming cooler. Oh, and The Walking Dead is returning. YUS. I started the playlist off with a few beautifully haunting songs from THE WALKING DEAD soundtrack, and rolled with it.

23 tracks
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Currently using this to write a post apocalyptic fiction piece. This is the first one I have found that has one good song after another. I have not hit the skip button once!

@fieldsofdandelions i love to use 8tracks for writing as well! i'm glad you are enjoying it. hopefully the playlist stay true for you all the way through. Though honestly there are a couple songs i'm not sure fully belong in it. -thank you :)

@jessica.lowey wow.... your quick response has thrilled me. I haven't even listened to my playlist the whole way through, which is the first thing i do after publishing. Yes, yes. you've made my day. :) thanky you.