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Study Focus II- Epic Journey


Here is the second part of my Study Focus Series.

Hope it gets you through some serious study session. I've put a lot of effort into this mix, so give it some lovin! :)

PS. Some of you may recognise the character in the picture... feel free to guess!

Here's the link to Study Focus I, III and IV playlist:

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As a medical student i listen to A LOT of study playlists, as I study all day every day. This is by far the MOST EPIC study list. I absolutely love it to prepare a few hours before a test, it gets me so pumped. Thanks for making my studies more enjoyable, I look forward to listening to a lot more of your playlists!!!!!!

@manshien I really appreciate this comment. And I am thrilled to see that my mixes are this useful to some of you :) Lots of luck with your studies!

literally i cannot stop listening to this playlist. i must listen to it every damn day. just.... ugh yes so amazing. you are gonna be the reason if i ever manage to write a story someday, so thanks

What an honor! I didn't know this mix had such a pull, though I recognize it's pretty damm epic =)
If you ever write it I would love to read what was inspired by my mixes.