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Escape R3ality


Bored about dull reality? Ever heard about dreamworld? Want to run and escape to somewhere else ,where everything's about happiness and where the word 'problem' does not exist , just listen and the playlist will do the rest. S.Luv3r

  • Run, Run Away by hannahlarson
  • Run Run Away by whiplashmp
  • runaway (yeah yeah yeahs "editing") by amphibia project
  • Red Dawn by Loved Ones
  • Of Monsters Of Men "king And Lionheart" by jadejarvis98
  • Mr brigthside by Ivanandressoto
  • 02 Run run run away by fredleray
  • Afraid by The Neighbourhood
  • Zaz (cover) by On Ira
  • Show me the way (David Keller Remix) by FM Laeti
10 tracks