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Fades Em All


Summertime you wanna get your groove on
Get your move on, the streets be Moulin
Rouge yo, some thugs be packing the uzo
Or hollering at shorties, trynna get them some culo
Gangsters godfather like Mario Puzo
Take the brother out who be getting the loot though
Another ghetto star dressed up in his suit
Not for prom graduation but his summertime funeral
The weather's hot so is the block and the waistline
Of all the wolves who be plotting trynna take shine
The summertime should be filled with no pain
This one is dedicated to those days it rained
When concrete was stained by the violence in the streets
Humid nights filled with police sirens and white sheets
It’s rare that the summer brings peace and no beef
I pour out some Henny for the homies, Rest In Peace

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