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It's the Drums


Is it safe to come up from underground?
The land of white lies gives the truth the run-around
Deciphering my cipher
Read between the newspaper ink
Lean close and you’ll smell the carnage start to stink
Nothing remains real
They took the Solarman
Forces the legions
The trustees of stolen land
And now them white trails stay in my blue sky
This is my testimony
Raise up
My name on blacklists because my black fist
Conjure up revolution, thought is the catalyst
This world rotating and the court is the axis
Meet me in the middle of the earth where it’s blackest
Three times as dark but lighting is immaculate
Your mind is somersaulting
Handsprings and backflips
Flow combustible, gasoline and red tip matchsticks
Paradigm shift
This rap thing just for practice

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