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The Ghetto, Othello, The Moor


The ghetto, Othello, the moor
Oh my God, they speak venomous on the boy
Oh my Lord, my enemy is fear, and I'm sure
Oh my God, they want the end of me 'cause I'm pure
Oh my Lord, discipline for the win, I just go for it
It's a trend for these men to die on their own sword
Journey far, learn who you can be
But you can learn who you are when you around family
Chip off their shoulders and soldiers, on they grizzle
My granddaddy Mac Little married Dandy Little
They passed down wisdom, blessings were given
Pray my sins don't get passed to my children
I made a killin', I'm alive like the morning star
Court Jordan's for the price on stock, so what the Hornets are?
I need evaluations, I'm savvy y'all
Eatin' foie gras and caviar—listen!

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