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True Love


Au Cinéma
Lianne La Havas

Sometimes when your zork, hmm
And I'm your betty blue
And we're singing it close
Like, the girls in Melville rendezvous
I wish
That we
Could somehow freeze the frame
But this isn't the silver screen, no
There's no pause
No rewind
Time to find out how the story goes
Sat hip to hip with the curtains close
Watching ourselves au cinema
Take our positions as the cameras roll
You'll be the guy I'll be the girl
Watching ourselves au cinema
Now we'll cut to the girl, alone
She's found on the Brooklyn Bridge
And she's truly at home, home
Her step has only sprang
The big bright lights of the city are shining for her
There's a thirst in her eyes and her heart
Oh she thinks to look back
Back, she won't
There's no pause
No rewind
No pause
No rewind

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