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covers and acoustics


11 tracks including music by FranklySpeaking, Jayme Dee, and feariess (originally by artists like Walk The Moon, Taylor Swift, Vampire Weekend, and Regina Spektor)

  • Anna Sun (Walk The Moon) by Frankly Speaking
  • Riptide by Taylor Swift
  • 03 Always (Panic! At The Disco) by sarahcarmody
  • Of The Night (Bastille Cover) Live At BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge by Ellie Goulding
  • Sweater Weather (Acoustic) by coolkid_steeze
  • Dear John (Taylor Swift cover) by Jayme Dee
  • Vampire Weekend (Full Cover) by Diane Young
  • Oblivion (Bastille Cover) by Julia Church
  • Fidelity by Jasmine Thompson
  • Blank Space by Taylor Swift (Acoustic Cover)
  • Shut Up And Dance ( Cover ) by DJ_SALTY
11 tracks
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