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curious, lighthearted, talkative, manipulative, intelligent, insensitive, witty, fun, flighty, detached

Easily the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac, Gemini's always the person with the bright eyes and the wide smile, quick hand gestures and quicker words. Gemini is positive and enthusiastic. He loves to talk, and has multiple 'tabs' open in his brain at the same time. Gemini is an excellent deceiver and manipulator, he won't do you any harm unless you do him harm first. Gemini brightens any room he's in, but he's also one of the most prone to anxiety. He's likely to appear to 'change personalities' with different people, but that's not so. Because Gemini has so many varied interests, he's likely to talk about that part of him which he feels will appeal most to the other person.

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