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optimistic, ambitious, intelligent, bubbly, passionate, charismatic, outspoken, confident, competitive, feels entitled, blunt, reckless, impulsive
Sagittarius is all about the experience. He wants to try new things, learn more about the world. He craves change and feels stifled if he’s in one place for too long. Sagittarius wants to evolve in every sense of the word. Sagittarius has a huge sense of wanderlust, and tends to think he’s quite learned, wise and well-read, even when he’s not. This gives Sagittarius a sense of superiority over others, which tends to be infuriating to the people surrounding them. Sagittarius is usually straight-spoken and doesn’t beat around the bush. However, he may make things up or elaborate his experiences to make himself seem more interesting.

13 tracks
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