S. Stilinski
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"On good days Steve draws and Bucky watches. On the bad days Bucky wakes screaming, and then all he can do is rock himself back and forth for hours while Steve frets and tries to pretend he's not fretting."

A mix for a man who silently watches his long lost amnesiac brainwashed best friend struggling hard to be himself again a.k.a. feels from Steve's POV (before/after found Bucky)

Tracklist: http://bit.ly/1lhO6Za
Tumblr: http://bit.ly/1luUaSH
Beautiful cover art by http://min1919.tumblr.com

13 tracks
2 comments on Coming home

WOW listening to this mix while reading meta about Steve's characterization in Cap 2 is a Bad Idea. Or a Great Idea. Either way, you will be crying because of FEELS.

Thank you, dear! It means a lot knowing that someone likes it. XD Every song is just literally hit me in the face with all the feels, you know. lol