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Anti-Procrastination Music: Focus Guaranteed...


...or at the very least, your enjoyment!

24 tracks of music to study to; no lyrics or dance-y, catchy beats... just beautiful music!
Great if you listen to it with in the background...


includes music by: The Cinematic Orchestra, Has Zimmer, The Album Leaf, Explosions in the Sky...

for part 2:

24 tracks
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this playlisy has been my go to since i started college. now im 2 years into my EE degree and I still come back to this playlist when I really got to get work done. thanks!

I can never listen to Kisses and Cakes by John Powell and not feel a warm feeling inside! P.S. I love you remains one of the most meaningful romantic 'comedies' ever created! :) Thanks for the playlist :)

awesome playlist! (HARRY FRICKING POTTER!) also, thanks for recommending the rainymood websire. i am listening to both at the moment! :)