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pretty much what i imagine kenma's ipod would be like

Check my second kenma mix (kind of a continuation?) here!!

Cover art created by: please look at their other work!!!!

  • Dream Machine Lullaby by I Am Robot and Proud
    okay so the song after this one is really loud and sudden BEWARE ok thank you
  • Splash Nebula by Slime Girls
    Neo-Tokyo Sunset - Slime Girls
  • Open The Door [FREE DL] by Murder City
  • Meow by Anamanaguchi
  • Void Ripper (Single Version) by Infinity Shred
  • Home (FEZ Soundtrack) by Disasterpeace
  • Paladin by EnV
  • I Don’t Cry [FREE DL] by A Virtual Friend
  • First Crush (Featuring Knife City) by Sabrepulse
9 tracks
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