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Atmospheric energy


☃ A peaceful instrumental, ambient, minimalist and jazzy mix with Abdullah Ibrahim or René Aubry to stimulate the mind and find the hidden energy needed to study and focus on papers and readings ☮ with eight tunes for free download! ⁎✩*
❀‿❀ And if you listen to the full mix (26 tracks), I chose a part from one of the best present I received at Christmas: the 2011 concert from Keith jarrett in Brazil.✮♫

26 tracks
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Glad you liked ☺ and thank you for the follow °♫°*♥. I use a police of amusing characters. ✿ A present only for you: (。◕‿◕。) ♫° ⊱✿⊰ ๑•ิ.• ๑☀ ☂ ☁ ☆☃

Sabine, thank you for such wonderful and needed mix. great to start listening with amazing Brad Mehldau piano playing and continue with Hadouk Trio, Esbjörn Svensson Trio... I guess this mix might help to find hidden resourses in order to start writing, reading and working as well.
Merci beaucoup!

We share a lot of musical tastes. ♣
Glad you pointed Hadouk Trio (Didier Malherbe: doudouk, flûtes, ocarina, clarinette & saxophone - Loy Ehrlich: hajouj, kora, sanza & claviers - Steve Shehan: percussions). Not a long time I know that Hadouk = a contracted word for Hajouj (african bass) + Doudouk (armenian oboe).
►Merci pour l'écoute ♪

this track also reminds me one wonderful modern jazz band - Portico Quartet. I highly reccomend you to listen to their album Knee-Deep in the North Sea. I guess it is the best their work and the most representive for sure.

Yes, like very much this young British Quartet and how they introduce the percussive hang in all their compositions. My next CD will come from them ☺.
If you like Hadouk Trio, here is one of my prefered live-performance from them ☆ Thank you for the nice comments ;).

second time! you made perfect mix, just perfect! especially it works when you have to do a lot of work (sorry for this tautology). it's really organized your thinking in the right way ;)

Always nice to read your kind comments and to know you thought in the right way ;). Hope you liked Tigran Hamasyan, it is rare to hear him singing on his piano. Saw him twice live, First on piano with Dhafer Youssef on oud and vocals, then this winter on piano solo in my jazz-club. I talked to him and he dedicated my Cds. So kind and talented pianist!

Yes, he is really talanted! My friend highly reccomended Tigran Hamasyan for me (he's also was in his concert when did his PhD in Paris), but I didn't appreciate it. And now I was just charmed this song (right song, right time). You said he's singing - I didn't even guess that it was he! No doubt, priceless pearl of this mix ;))