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☺.Life is just a simple game.☺

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Very glad you like it (I saw the translation of hooked :). Have to expand the mix. Hadn't imagine you should listen to this kind of klezmer music ;o). Merci et le meilleur pour vous aussi.❀

Yes, I have liked European folk music for many years. I am not an expert, but I do think it is strongly related to jazz -- and of course to classical musicians from Bartok to Mahler. There are even a number of klezmer bands active in the U.S., including one associated with the New England Conservatory of Music. And it's fun!

It is very positive.

I tried skying first time few days ago and unforchunately before listening this mix.

Loulou Djine and other klezmer forced me to dance over the room =)

Not only good for speed skiing, but also for an energetic start into a Monday, when there's everything "upside down" in the house and the "cheesy mum" "hop hop hop" has to clean up the "froggy chaos"! ;-) - Hope you are enjoying your time in the Alps!

Yes I do! Always a nice place to be.
Thank you for such a lovely comment. Very glad you appreciated the happy energy from this mix.
☺Hop hop hop... ∮♪♭♫♭♯♫ ☺

Never thought that I might like this music! Vital and exciting energy of life. Such a flow of happiness and freedom. I really discovered nearly all this mix and especially Dazibao (post punk band with references to the arabic world?). Great evening you made for me. Thanks for unexpected tunes ;)

Especially glad you liked this playlist. I thought about this mix for many days but had too much tunes in competition to put together and the final choice took time. Had the same feeling about "flow of happiness and freedom"... Sure you understand how this music is so good to hit the slopes on skis, offering a special energy to transform ski into a joyful klezmer dance.
Nice you pointed Dazibao, a fine band from Belgium, not far from my northern-town. They mix folk, flamenco and asian music. Recommend the full CD E40 where they cook a creative ambiance with diatonic accordion.
Don't miss Yom! A fine klezmer-jazz clarinetist, one of my best discoveries in 2011. Merci pour l'écoute !

sure! Yom is really good artist. I can't stop on one music from this mix because it seems so organic and natural composed. You inspired me for making one more collection that growing in my head for long time )

yes, it's true. I had this idea long ago but didn't know how to organize it into right form. and your mix gave me second breath. many thanks ;)