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☆ Opening my mind ☆


Prepared the mix - instrumental jazz and classical - for long hours to study at the library, opening my mind and keeping concentration for writing about art :)
30 tracks with a special french and minimalist touch, including René Aubry, Claude Debussy, Walt Dickerson and Sun Ra.

29 tracks
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OUI ! Bill is one of my favourite jazz pianists, with such sensitivity and talent. One tune from him in the mixes "Atmospheric energy" + "Diving into jazz ∮♪♬♭♫," + "♡•*¨*•.¸¸.•Jazz Émotion•*¨*•.¸¸♥" and two from him in the mix "Falling... ❦".

Glad by your listening and appreciation :). EST is also one of my fav nordic jazz trios.
Love and admire René Aubry for so many years and his manner to choose first voice and strings. He mostly creates music for films, events, choregraphies.
Lived also some years with Carolyn Carlson. A beautiful ballet from her with his music here: - both very creative.
Merci ! ♬

*oh, and one more great respect for Zbigniew Preisner. I'm a big fan of Kieslowski. I had such a strong feeling watching for the first time La Double Vie de Véronique that changed my aesthetic perception of the world. Grand merci pour les souvenirs... )

Oh yes! Such love and respect for Preisner and Kieślowski. Was also bowled over by La double vie de Véronique. And "Bleu" was my prefered film and soudtrack In the Kieślowski-trilogy.
Merci pour vos commentaires :)

Laws of Physics Michel Petrucciani
I knew it was Petrucciani, his style is really unique. didnt saw the name of song and knew it was him.
So far I've loved your mix, thank you for including this master into the mix!

Thank you for your nice words. You said it, his style is unique.

Have still the ticket from the concert "Like father, like son" I attended to about fifteen years ago in the old theatre of my town in north of France.

Michel Petrucciani played the piano with his father Tony on guitar. It was a magical and delicate jazz evening, everyone of us enjoying the precious moment.

A video with Tony and Michel Petrucciani for you
Merci pour votre écoute.