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Damian Wayne - شقي شيطان


Damian Wayne does not have many playlists here, and only one I could find with Arabic music. Most of the easy to find stuff is soft and classical, so I decided to look deeper into the recesses of youtube and find something better suited to his personality. Basically, what he listens to when he loosens up a bit.

If I added a song with lyrics totally ooc for him, just let me know. I added them based on tone and video. I know some of the tone of them seems off for him, but I picked each song with some aspect of him involved.

This was FUN to make. Especially since I started at 1:20 AM and ended at 2:40

9 tracks
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I have no idea what they’re saying but the sound of the songs suits Damian so well :) Great mix! Or according to Google translate: مزيجا رائعا!