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For the Endless, Everlasting World Out There


A mix about the ocean, freedom, dreams, adventure and all the things a true pirate strives for no matter what storms they may face along the way.

10 tracks
3 comments on For the Endless, Everlasting World Out There

this is my all time favourite playlist! thanks for introducing me to walking stick, it’s now one of my favourite songs and whenever i have an anxiety attack or feel like i can’t do something i listen to it. this is a perfect summary of all my favourite parts of one piece (^○^)

@hikarilux thank you so much!!?? that makes me so happy to hear bc i really tried to pour all my love of op and the good feelings it brings me into this one <3 i'm so so glad it could bring you happiness too!! ;u;

NEVER DISAPPOINTS. THIS WAS SO GOOD. AHHHHHH. It was so calming honestly. Perfect for listening at night while working on projects I should have done before now but alas what can you do. But yeah. SO GOOD. DON'T STOP MAKING PLAYLISTSSSSSS!!!! I will seriously be so sad if you do..

@Kurapikababu auuugH thank you kittyy ;u; your comments are always a gift! and don't worry about that haha, i already have like four more in the works //orz. i can't stop myself!!