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For the Endless, Everlasting World Out There


A mix about the ocean, freedom, dreams, adventure and all the things a true pirate strives for no matter what storms they may face along the way.

10 tracks
2 comments on For the Endless, Everlasting World Out There

NEVER DISAPPOINTS. THIS WAS SO GOOD. AHHHHHH. It was so calming honestly. Perfect for listening at night while working on projects I should have done before now but alas what can you do. But yeah. SO GOOD. DON'T STOP MAKING PLAYLISTSSSSSS!!!! I will seriously be so sad if you do..

@Kurapikababu auuugH thank you kittyy ;u; your comments are always a gift! and don't worry about that haha, i already have like four more in the works //orz. i can't stop myself!!