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10s Smartphone

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@lilacdancing Eu ia fazer apenas a playlist dos anos 80, porque eu sou apaixonada por filmes dessa época. Mas acabei decidindo fazer as outras no meio do caminho... Deve ter demorado umas 2 semanas tudo. A dos anos 2010 foi a mais fácil porque a década ainda só tem 4 anos, ou seja, poucos filmes para decidir.

There's quite a long silence at the end of Your Love by the Outfield. Other than that, I'm loving this playlist. So glad I saved the link when I saw the post on tumblr. Good job!

@JackCBear Thanks for letting me know! Your Love is fixed. The reason why Knock On Wood is the movie version is because there was no release of an studio version of this song with Emma Stone singing, this is the only version we have.