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Nine Years of Radio Silence


Music + Quotes = ALL THE FEELS

(2) Theme song
(4) Their first kiss at The Camelot (1.18)
(6) Dancing at the Sadie Hawkins Spring Fling (2.17)
(8) The "Epic" speech (2.20)
(10) Kiss and make up in the library (3.03)
(12) Getting back together (3.10)
(14) Driving at night (movie)
(16) Making out (movie)
(18) The Second "Epic" speech (movie)

19 tracks
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I love your playlists, but you sure outone yourself this time. THIS IS AMAZING (in baby Anna's voice)! And I'm doing my best not to cry at work. Thank you, I love crying in public after having a fangirl outbreak.

I'm updating this playlist with some more movie tracks.... but I won't be able to add quotes from the movie until I get my DVD copy!

29 Days until the movie! I just want these two studmuffins to make out like horny bunnies. That's all. I don't really care if the rest of the movie sucks, f the mystery stupid, the butler did it. Just give me LoVe and I'll be happy. Thank you.

I can't take the feelings of this playlist. I can't. You're such a bad person (No, you're not, you're a wonderfull piece of angel)