11 comments on Nine Years of Radio Silence by SADarcy

I love your playlists, but you sure outone yourself this time. THIS IS AMAZING (in baby Anna's voice)! And I'm doing my best not to cry at work. Thank you, I love crying in public after having a fangirl outbreak.

I'm updating this playlist with some more movie tracks.... but I won't be able to add quotes from the movie until I get my DVD copy!

29 Days until the movie! I just want these two studmuffins to make out like horny bunnies. That's all. I don't really care if the rest of the movie sucks, f the mystery stupid, the butler did it. Just give me LoVe and I'll be happy. Thank you.

I can't take the feelings of this playlist. I can't. You're such a bad person (No, you're not, you're a wonderfull piece of angel)