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The Ultimate Dizzie Fandomix PART 1


Thank you, everybody that submitted songs. Making this timeline work was a bit more of a brainteaser than I first expected. It got so big, I had to divide the story in two playlists. So here we have: PART 1.

11 tracks
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I’ll create and publish an 8tracks playlist to the first person that messages me about it at Any topic or fandom - given I have a minimum knowledge of it.

Hi this is a wonderful mix! :) I was wondering where you found these dizzie pictures? I've been scouring google, but no luck.

Hey thanks a lot, I love the playlist, good work. Is there a connection between the order of the songs and the development of the relationship?

Yes, there is! All my playlists are created as ongoing stories. This one is in a dialogue form and only ends at its PART 2. The tracklist makes it easier to understand: (part 1) & (part 2).