17 comments on よる。 by sadmachine

This is so amazing. Lately lots of bad things happened to me, and if it weren't for this list, I would be more depressed by now. Technically speaking, you saved my life

I really like this mix, but one song just doesn't fit in here. It's the song "Dawn It, Shut It, Release It" by Rayons. Maybe this is just a technical error but it would be nice if you could fix this because I'm sure that this wasn't originally on this mix. Thanks :)

@Isabelle-Marie You're completely right! I've never even heard that song before, I have no idea what happened and sadly I don't remember what other song I uploaded instead :/ thanks for letting me know!

i was so tired and i fell asleep on the floor to this. i don't even know myself if that's a good thing but oh well this is great.

My favourite mix so far on 8tracks. This is so incredibly soothing, lovely and emotive. Really stellar collection.

"Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift." [-Mary Oliver)

I'm can't be sure, but for some reason this mix gives me the same reaction as this quote means to me.