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i'll be your gravity, you'll be my oxygen.


I have found that I have utterly and completely fallen like a fool for you. Your name spills out of my mouth like I'm sick with the flu. I caught it so hard from that smile you try to hide. Oh god, I'm so in love you with. Oh god, I'm so sick in love and I don't want to be cured. One day, I'll wake up to you every morning and even if I wanted to be sad, I couldn't. I want it to be you and me in the end. Some days, I don't want to live another hour, but I'd still live a million years with you. Shred my heart, I don't care, you can keep the pieces. I want you. Just you. Just let me have your heart and it'll all be okay. I'm so dizzy in love, there's no candles needed to be blown out, shooting stars to be found, or waiting for 11;11 because I got my only wish and it's you. I love you, Chris.

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