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I Still Want to Believe That You Will Return to Me


A sormik playlist focusing on the time between Sorey's slumber and the two reuniting.

Was listening to some old PS1 & PS2 game OSTs and found quite a few had to do with searching for someone previously lost. I made the connection to the end of TOZ with Sorey and Mikleo. The playlist evolved from these game songs to other songs regarding longing, waiting, remembrance, and belief in seeing "that person" again. Admittedly, some are about the aftermath of a breakup or death, but I felt that the same feelings were there. I tried to grab as many English covers as I could, but for the ones I could not, I hope the Japanese versions will work - they're so beautiful! And I couldn't resist a guest appearance from TOV's Flynn and Yuri's song (some of lyrics are just spot on).

20 tracks
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