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You look just like a zombie, inches from dead and pretty


I wanted to make a playlist for ks because of ONE song the first one on the playlist. if youre here because uwu yaoi ship leave and stop fetishizing gay men thanks ks is not a romance story it is HORROR its supposed to be fucked up and full of shock factor. if you think that sangwoo and yoon bum's relationship is "cute" then consider ending your life lol its text book abuse Yoon bum is a literal stalker that broke into a guys house Sangwoo is a SERIAL KILLER that kidnaps, tortures, abuses, and manipulates him. What straight 12 year old girls find cute abt that I will never understand. where are ur parents
Ill end this rant by saying that as an actual gay man id appreciate if straight girls didnt fetishize me thanks. for those who read ks because theyre horror/gore lovers: enjoy

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Great playlist. I get a lot of repeats in this genre, but this had plenty of great and different songs. You made me laugh with what you wrote in the description! Thanks!

Thank you! I've been looking for a mix that uses Chloroform Girl, but I couldn't find one (which is weird because it fits perfectly). Also thanks for the rant, the fandom needs it tbh.

@MagmaMama really?? that's awesome omg it's probably because it's not a very well-known song but it certainly is perfect for killing stalking. As soon as I started reading the story, chloroform girl came to mind so i just...had to make a playlist. And thank you so much I'm glad you appreciated it !!!!

Thank you for that rant, I've had to give it to quite a couple of people and it makes me sick. I don't read KS 'cause I'm gay, but because I love psychological horror and gore. ANYWAYS: Great mix and good mood