Is this playlist safe for work?

best of kpop


(in my opinion) definitely not all of them bc this got too long lol. i should have separated it.

i've been in this hell hole for six years i'm ancient.

111 tracks
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I have to comment, you have amazing taste lol i'm rediscovering songs i haven't listened to since high school!

Got so excited when I heard co ed school on here! Didn't think anyone remembered them! Idk it made me really happy :) great playlist btw!

@faithimnida omg i was so excited when co-ed debuted like i was their stan and then they fall apart so fast. the two bops they brought will always be remembered RIP. thank you!

I've never been a fan of feminine K-Pop ( Have mercy pls. ) Your playlist got me into it and I had to let go of my ego for once and hum along '-' T'least I can fully plunge into this *cough*hellhole*cough* wonderful world that is K-Pop :3 Thanks :3

@Junn-ee feminine as happy boppy kpop? don't worry i won't judge you for your mistakes <3 i tried to create a diversity of tracks throughout so thank you for liking all or most of it!