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Maybe it's a jog. A sprint. A punching bag. Or something you're about to direct all your energy into. This is for that time when you're about to let loose and go full throttle.

  • 【悪魔城伝説】Beginning メタルアレンジして弾いてみた【Castlevania III】 by Usheray
  • T05- Blazing Internet (FireMan's Stage) by Mega Man Network Transmission OST
  • Black Mages by The Decisive Battle
  • Mass Attack by Dynasty Warriors 8
  • X-Men by Powerglove
  • Ace Combat Assault Horizon by Dogfight
  • Upper Drive by Dynasty Warriors 8
  • Shin Onigashima by Kieronomo
  • 10 Battle Of Magic Competition by crisberety
  • Ace Combat: Assault Horizon by Keep Alive
10 tracks
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