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Masakado Saiga, Hizashi Monk


To seek the sun, and to give light to touch those who need it's embrace in the darkness, or it's scorching rays to the vile.

  • Sacred Shrine by Jeff van Dyck
    "Ah, greetings to you. I am Masakado Saiga, monk of the Hizashi Order. How may I help you?"
  • Mercenary Mode -Fly- by Samurai Warriors 2 EL
    Inhale. Exhale. The sun shines brightly over the Earth. A grin across his face as he looks across the horizon. What triumphs await today?
  • Guild Wars Factions Theme by gwfactionvolta
    As the sun beats upon the Earth, he meditates. The glow envelops him, warmth and peace exuding from him like an aura.
  • Beauty Of Oriental Town by The Peaceful K
    "Ahh, the sun greets us warmly today! Come friend, let us life today to the fullest!"
  • Total War Shogun 2 Soundtrack by Kendo
    He flows through the movements of his exercise, as per his daily routine. To others, it is a spectacle of martial movements and arts.
  • The Curtain Falls by Samurai Warriors 2 OST
    The sun has set. He gathers his thoughts over what has transpired today. How will the sun guide him tomorrow?
  • For The Daimyo! by Total War Shogun 2 Music
    "Before I was arrogant. Selfish. Foolish. I almost lost my life because of my mind's failings and shortcomings. I will never forget that day..."
  • Clash On The Big Bridge (Oriental Mix) by Final Fantasy XIII-2
    A peaceful demeanor one moment, a battle hardened gaze the next. Rising to his feet, he readies himself for battle.
  • Misty Peaks Mountain Stream Battle Theme [HD] by Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    He plants his feet, his stance defiant against his enemies. To those who approach, only suffering awaits.
  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd ~ Jinouga Battle Soundtrack by Samiul Choudhury
    "Come! Face Masakado Saiga of the Hizashi Order, and feel the sun's fury sear away your being!"
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