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Seize the day.


The sun rises. It's a bright and beautiful day. This is for when you step out the door, and you make the day yours.

  • Persona 5 Trailer Theme by Shoji Meguro
  • Sunday by Les Friction
  • Last of Our Kinds (Michael Garcon Remix) by Les Inrocks Exclusive: Yuksek feat. Oh Land
  • Lift by Poets of the Fall
  • I want a new Snowboard Kids, you guys by Apple//Green
  • Super Blue Toad 3D World by Staff Roll
  • Gun's & Roses by Baccano! ~ Paradise Lunch
  • 10 - Trucy's Theme ~ Child of Magic by JazzAndRain
  • Wind Garden (Gusty Garden Galaxy) by Super Mario Galaxy
  • Crush 'em All 進軍 by DYNASTY WARRIORS 7 BGM
  • Dynasty Warriors 8 by dynasty warriors 8
11 tracks
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