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brightest star: an oikage AU


a playlist for an AU that destroyed me.

"If I became the brightest star
Will you notice me?"

  • Melancholic by Kagamine Rin
    Little does he know that cute setter-boy likes his music. That may or may not have been how Oikawa fell in love the first time. || I can’t figure you out at all // So when I’m not aware at all // There’s no possible way you can steal my heart
  • Wo Ai Nee Arabesque by Shunji Iwai
    Somewhere along the way, the lines of friendship and love blurred a little, and the little crush they'd held for each other blew into something of epic proportions.
  • Hajimete No Chuu by First Kiss
    "...Can we do that again?" "Yeah." || My first kiss was a kiss from you // I will give you all my love // Funny enough, I'm so full of these gentle feelings // My first kiss was a kiss from you
  • Missing You by 下村陽子
    [The number you are trying to reach is no longer in service.]
  • 【GUMI】 会いたい (Aitai) by Kei-Tan
    [drafted] i love you, no matter what. || Hey, I want to meet you right now // The plain text that hides the truth // Is always never delivered // To your heart.
  • 【ピアノアレンジ】 ヨンジュウナナ 歌いました by りむたろ & Rio
    It's Oikawa's comeback concert, and he finds a face he thought he'd never see again. || "I found it among the crowd the cause of that dream I could never wake from // I didn't think I'd see you here-- how am I supposed to react? // That hand I held, it was shaking"
  • Long-distance Love Affair by Topi
    "You’re laughing." "So are you." "Are you crying?" "So are you."
  • Shinpakusuu #0822 by Ryo-kun
    "I'm not going anywhere ever again." "You better, dumbass." || Let me promise to love you forever and ever // Until my heartbeat completely stops.
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