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Going to the Library Once Again


Video games music reminds of all those moments I spent in different worlds where I was the hero, and where everything is magical and possible.
It reminds of the characters that have been accompanying me and helping me to achieve my goal, some of them willing to die in order to do that.
It reminds of those moment where you're about to give up, but you just keep pushing despite the anger and the fear of losing.
EDIT : Half of the tracks have been deleted because of soundclound policy (sorry everyone)

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These songs are just majestic, they always put me in a relaxed and calm mood. Thanks for making this playlist and making MANY latenight studies possible.

@Tikitoko I'm very flattered and (possibly on the edge of blushing) , you actually made me want to make other similar playlists ! (if only there were more hours in a day). But thank you for the words anyway, I wish you many more productive latenight studies, that is as long as you have a healthy sleep :-)

@Catic Oh my, that's too kind of a thing to say ! That was the point of the playlist : to put compositions you don't (or rarely) see in the other playlists and yet that are still good. Too bad that with the new policy, a lot of tracks will go missing :-(. Thank you again, it really cheered me up !

I always use your library playlists when I'm studying!! They are really soothing and magical and have that special libary feel to them,,

Thank you ! I do my best to make my study playlists more original, I've had enough of listening to the same compositions in every study mix in 8tracks. Happy to see that some people enjoy my playlists ;- )