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Student's Little Helper

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@Maironeeeee Thank you ! I just noticed that this playlist lost a lot of tracks too (like all my other playlists actually), I am happy you liked it anyway !

@Maironeeeee I never would have thought somebody would love it this much ! Would you mind naming a few tracks that you enjoyed the most? (just to get an idea on people's preferences :p) and thank you =)

@Bahaj.H My favourite ones include Ezio's Family, Hawke Family Theme, Vista Point, When the Sun Rises in the West, Bowerstone Market, HomeStead, Ethan Mars', Tour of Venice, An End Once and for all, and Never Forget

@Maironeeeee Thank you, that pretty much matches the statistics, although my future study playlist might be slightly different, I hope people will enjoy it. And many thanks again !