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Vodka...Mashed not stirred


More mash-ups that make you want to rage. Thirty-two tracks including music by 3LAU, Kap Slap, and DJ Trademark.

  • "Electric Danse Anthem" by Messiah Mashups
  • Hold the Right to Spin by The Abrahammer
  • Beach by Moonwalk
  • Testify It by whitepandamusic
  • Danger, Porter Robinson! by White Noise Mashups
  • Tourniquet Tech: Ridgewood Social CLub by Cort Wadman
  • Rolling Joints (Mashup) by & A Dime
  • Feel The Party Bass by Lmfao Vs Nicki Minaj Vs The Cataracs Vs Cobra Starship
  • The Victory Lap (Continuous Mix) by deejaytrademark
9 tracks
1 comment on Vodka...Mashed not stirred

a lot of good mixes here, but many of them use the same songs to sample from and things get a little samey after a while