370 comments on Study With Accompaniment II by salems-lot

I love this playlist! it's an absolute necessity for when I'm studying. but I noticed that The Forrest Gump Suite (by Alan Silvestri) always skips around weirdly near the end. is that normal, or is it just my computer maybe?

@Kazzerr 1) I'm really glad you're enjoying it and it's helping you with studying :) 2) Thank you for pointing out the track skipping, it actually wasn't just your computer as it happened on mine as well. From what I understand, 8tracks sometimes tries to switch tracks with tracks from Soundcloud to comply with regulations and sometimes the tracks are a bit different, etc. Anywho, it's fixed now :)

Absolutely amazing. I was avoiding my Theatre essay and then I started listening to this... I'm usually the kind who doesn't really like those playlists because they're selling me a ghost of productivity. But yours is a treasure. Thank you!

@Poseduse Thanks so much for sharing this, I'm really glad my playlist helped you with your essay (which I hope is going very well!). Best of luck with everything and keep listening for more :)

This playlist is amazing and probably the best study instrumental playlist that I have found!! It keeps me focused on my work by providing that little bit of background music. Thank you!

@hoshinoumi Absolutely! I can email them to you if you'd like (or if it's not urgent, I wanted to put up a link within the next week!) :)

@hoshinoumi Hi there! Apologies for taking so long with this but I haven't been able to put up a link. Would you like me to email you the list?